I Need an Ending
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Hello! My name's Jerie, and I am a ship whore. I have lost control of my life ever since I read CP Coulter's Dalton. And this is basically just a dump site for all the word vomit and flailing caused by that fic.

Disclaimer: All the characters in my stories are owned by CP Coulter, unless stated otherwise. Also, this is simply a side blog. I can't follow anyone on here.
❝ polkamusicismydrug-deactivated2 asked: MICAH/JUDE like non-romantic also Mine and then maybe more MINE DID I MENTION MINE

Micah returns to Ohio for the first time in months that summer, but it doesn’t take him long to find his destination. Everything does feel like a distant memory to him now, but he thinks it’s also like riding a bike, and old habits are relatively easy to fall back to.

He walks over then, and drops to his knees, unfazed by all the dirt that suddenly clings onto his faded jeans.

"Hi Jude," Micah murmurs softly, as he reaches out to brush his fingers against the white marble headstone. "I’ve missed you."

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