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Hello! My name's Jerie, and I am a ship whore. I have lost control of my life ever since I read CP Coulter's Dalton. And this is basically just a dump site for all the word vomit and flailing caused by that fic.

Disclaimer: All the characters in my stories are owned by CP Coulter, unless stated otherwise. Also, this is simply a side blog. I can't follow anyone on here.


Hi everyone. I’m in a bit of a bad mood, so I apologize if this ficlet reflects that.

This takes place in the middle of chapter eighteen, Jumping Hurdles, after Logan talks to Kurt’s parents and somehow escapes the wrath of the Tweedles.


At Dalton, they have Alice.

At Seigerson manor, however, they have Dorothy.

After Derek braids her hair, and she puts on her favorite blue dress and her newly polished shoes, Amanda turns to the trio sitting comfortably on her large bed, and grins brightly at them. “Today, we’re playing pretend,” she explains carefully. “We’ll all be characters from the Wizard of Oz!” she continues, as she remembers the movie she and her brother watched the night before. “Got it?”

“Got it,” Derek replies, smiling warmly at her. He pointedly looks at his friends before they too, mumble their affirmation.

“Great!” the little girl replies excitedly, clasping her hands together. “I’ll be Dorothy,” she continues, with a quick twirl. “And you guys get to be my friends! Now hold on, I’ll go get your costumes!”

She gives them two thumbs up before she excitedly runs off.

Once Amanda’s out of the room, Logan glares at Derek. “You’ve got to be kidding me.”

“What?” the brunette asks him, innocently.

“When Jules said that we should all hang out,” Logan explains, exasperated. “I don’t think he meant that we’d have to baby sit your little sister with you!” He groans then rubs his temples, while Julian laughs from his place beside Derek.

“No need to sound so sour, Lo,” he says, smirking. “I’m sure you’ll look lovely in whatever dress Amanda has for you.”

Derek snorts.

Logan only has time to open his mouth, however, before Amanda comes back in, dragging a rather large chest behind her.

“Sorry it took so long,” she says, placing the chest in front of the Stuarts. She opens it with a flourish, then proceeds to rummage through it, occasionally throwing things out. “Gimme a sec… I know they’re in here somewhere!”

“Can’t wait,” Logan replies sarcastically, as Julian ducks and narrowly misses a chicken hat tossed in his direction.

“Where does she even get these things?” the blonde asks, picking up a discarded pair of rabbit ears.

“Beats me,” Derek answers, shrugging. “All I know is every time I get back from Dalton, she has new stuff for me to try on.”

“Found it!” Amanda cries triumphantly. She turns around and sees Logan and Julian staring at her brother incredulously, before she walks towards him with her arms full.

“You get to be the tin man,” she informs him cheerily, handing him a silver helmet.

“Thanks Amanda,” Derek says, as he puts it on.



“Casey, calm down!”

“Shut up will you—!”

“Derek, don’t make things worse for you!”


“Please, let’s just get back to the—OW! Goodness girl, watch it!”

“If you just stopped blowing everything out of proportion—.”

“Stop it, D!”


“He’s not worth it, Casey!”

“Stop acting like the fucking victim here—”


“—and calm your—!”

“Derek, that’s enough!”


With much effort, Sydney firmly puts her arms around her hysterical friend’s tiny waist, and slowly drags her away from the parking lot.

Sara, however, looks back at Derek, who’s being kept upright by Julian and Logan.

He’s drunk, and tired, his throat is sore, and his head is totally going to explode, and—.

“Are you happy now?” Sara asks him venomously.

“Sara, don’t,” Julian says pleadingly. “He probably won’t even remember—!”

“Don’t even try and defend him, Larson!” she snaps, bringing her hand up to stop the actor. “It’s Casey’s birthday! We threw her a party and everything!” She points accusingly at Derek before she continues. “He fucking ruined her birthday!”

“Didn’t mean to,” Derek says somberly, raising his head to look at her. “Didn’t think she’d want me around—had argument—said she didn’t want to—. And she was the one that came looking—!”

“You’re heartless!” Sara yells, interrupting him.

She glares fiercely at Darek once more, before she turns around and leaves the trio behind.


Amanda then turns to Julian and smiles at him, before she holds out a ridiculously lifelike lion’s mane. “You’re the cowardly lion.”

“Okay,” Julian replies casually, grabbing it from her and placing it on his head. “This thing’s a little itchy, though.”

He ignores Logan’s soft chuckles.


‘Jules, he’s losing it again.’

Julian tiredly runs a hand through his hair, and lies down on the bed in his trailer. Then he quickly deletes Derek’s message, before he moves onto the next one. There are around fifty of them.

‘It’s getting really bad, Jules. And I mean, ‘last year’ bad.’


‘Seriously, if I have to hear him pine after this Kurt person one more time… At least with you here, it won’t be as bad!’


‘Jules please! I can’t handle him by myself! I need you!’


‘He needs you.’

Julian silently stares at the screen for some time before he sighs deeply, and furiously rubs at his eyes.

He then repeatedly asks the universe for the courage to leave it alone—to just say no—even as he texts Derek his reply.

‘All right, D, stop your whining. I’ll see you soon.’


Finally, Amanda looks at Logan and says, “And now all that’s left is the scarecrow!”

She stands on her tiptoes and places an old farmer’s hat on top of the blonde’s head.


“… I’m not going to stand here and watch as you make an even bigger fool of yourself, Logan,” Julian says angrily. “It’s pathetic!”

Julian turns on his heel and walks away, slamming the large doors loudly behind him.

Logan looks at Derek, and raises his eyebrows. “What’s his problem?”

“Seriously?” Derek asks, looking curiously at the blonde.

The hints have been subtle—but increasingly prominent.

Especially since Logan started going out with that hobbit.

Still, Derek couldn’t be sure.

But even Logan couldn’t be this clueless!

… Could he?

“You are so dense.”


“I’m sorry Amanda,” Logan says gently, as he takes off the hat. “But I don’t think that these roles are all that…”

“Accurate?” Julian suggests, scratching his forehead.

Derek looks at his sister in alarm.

“What are you talking about?” Amanda asks stubbornly. She eyes all three of them as she crosses her arms tightly over her chest. “I think they’re perfect.”


Well. I’m just glad she didn’t make any of them a flying monkey.

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